The Art of Positive Thinking

Positive Thinker

I think there’s some confusion surrounding the art of positive thinking nowadays.

Positivity is not magic.

The universe is not going to go out of its way to fix all your problems just because you decided to adopt a positive frame of mind.

What it is though is a hugely practical skill that will get you very far in life if you do it right.

You are able to survive life’s negative and positive experiences if you have a positive attitude. You emit self-assurance when you maintain a positive mentality and people are drawn to you; they long for your company and desire to be similar to you.

Set a bright and important example for other people.

Developing a Positive Attitude

During periods of pressure, unhappiness and disappointments, it is natural for you to experience negativity in your mind and reduced self-esteem. It is simple for you to alter that frame of mind fast by substituting your thoughts with others that are more positive.

Count the blessings you have and then mentally make a list of five things which make you thankful. It’s even better if you can write them down. This act is in itself sufficiently strong to return to you the purpose of your life.

When your mind changes, the world around you does the same. Great things begin to fall into place and your happiness returns.

When you have a positive mentality, this puts you in better stead to fix new objectives and persist with your present objectives which are vital to you. You have the ability to think coherently and focus on the benefits you will acquire after you have attained your objectives.

Think of the upsides at all times. Whatever pressing desires you have, when you have this attitude you see opportunities where others see only problems.

Realistically, all of us are similar; however, a small variation exists among us. This small variation is attitude. Your attitude may naturally lean either to the positive or to the negative side.

It always pays to have a positive attitude as this elevates you higher up the growth and success ladder; it offers you access to many hidden resources of your mind. A negative attitude is going to act to the contrary.

Practice the Art of Positive Thinking

If it is hard for you to uphold positivity, you can begin repeating some everyday affirmations. This will ensure you are on the right path. Repeat them two times each day; in the morning immediately after you wake up and at night just before going to sleep.

Personally I’m not a huge fan of affirmation, but they seem to work well for many people. Below are some examples of affirmations; select the ones that are appropriate for you and repeat them out loud or silently as you desire.

  • In whatever I do, I derive joy.
  • I totally merit having genuine and trustworthy friends.
  • I derive great joy from my passions.
  • I am a person who is loving, kind and empathetic.
  • I am precisely the person I desire to be.
  • I enjoy being sympathetic and charitable.

Having a positive frame of mind generates power.

But Don’t Ignore the Downsides

One thing should nonetheless be said about optimism: it must not blind you to the challenges that you are facing or will face.

Positivity is not about living in a fantasy of the state you dream of. It’s about actively creating that state.

Inevitably, on your path you will face difficulties. Be prepared for them, but know that you WILL get through them. You will get to the other side of your obstacles and you will achieve that which you desire.

This is why positive thinking is an art – it’s a delicate balance between seeing the upsides and opportunities in the world and not letting yourself fall into a fantasy.

Go out there, get things done.

Image credit: Positive Thinker by Leland Francisco

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