Why You Need a Mindset Shift to Grow

Why changing your mentality is crucial for growth

When we fall short of our goals, it’s easy to say things like, “I’m just not cut out to do this job,” or “I’ll never be smart enough to do the things I want to do.” These totalising views are part of your overall mindset, and whether you realise it or not, your attitude towards life plays a huge role in your success. If you find negativity constantly creeping into your daily thoughts, it may be time for a mindset shift. With some focused thought and a desire to change, you can give your mentality a makeover.

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How to Feel Gratitude

At times, you may feel entirely hopeless and depressed; you try to clutch onto something that shall lift you out of your misery, but you do not seem to find anything. You might even feel disconnected and begin to lose inspiration in life; or maybe everything just seems boring and pointless. The counter to this kind of attitude is the practice of gratitude.

Gratitude is the element that most people tend to ignore in their personality, possibly because it’s so easy to ignore. If something is already there in your life, why feel grateful? This however leads to a life of constant grasping, always trying to get more without ever really feeling happy about the present.

Gratitude is to acknowledge the good things in your life, and to be able to sense their worth.

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5 Personal Development Ideas for the Next Six Months

Ideas for Self-Development

You are not standing still.

Change is inevitable. You are going to change anyway. Whatever you choose to do or not to do, you are going to be a slightly different person in 6 months time.

If you are going to change anyway, might as well make a choice. Choose how you want to change. Making no choice at all is also a choice, but it’s one that leaves you randomly floating about the seas of life with no direction.

On the other you hand, you can choose to be a better person in a half year’s time. A more successful person. A more skilled person. Whatever you like.

Here are a bunch of personal development ideas to help you move along.

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6 Steps to Finding Your Self-worth

Finding your self-worth

Philosophers and intellectual thinkers have argued over and over again on the true purpose in life. Each and every one of them has her/his own unique take on the matter. However, this question does not only concern intellectuals; it concerns the entirety of the human kind.

People go about their lives, wondering about the value of their existence. This question can partly be answered by finding one’s self-respect.

Self-worth means defining the reason behind every action you take throughout your journey; and whether the outcome reflects the true nature of your own unique identity.

To start discovering your self-worth, you need to stop comparing yourself to others.

The only one you should be comparing yourself to is your former self.

Do listen to your inner voices. Some of these voices might be destructive so you have to maintain a somewhat critical attitude. You need to challenge the destructive tendencies within you and work on strengthening the beneficial ones.

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5 Delusional Fantasies You Need to Debunk in your Mind Now



I don’t think anyone is really free from delusions. We all have our quirky beliefs about how the world works or how it should work and about our own place in it. Few of those beliefs are well-grounded, but not all of them are harmful either.

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How to Get Good Luck: Focus on the Right Type of Luck

How to Get Good Luck: Focus on the Right Type of Luck

“The harder I work, the luckier I get” — Unknown


“Luck” is a word that has pervaded our everyday language. One can have a lucky day at the casino, be lucky to narrowly escape a car accident, a lucky coincidence may lead you to meet the love of your life.


We all understand the meaning of these phrases. Yet luck has got to be one the most abstract and hard to define concepts in our lives.


Sometimes it’s obvious that the word “lucky” simply means “good” or “positive”. Take the above example of avoiding a car accident. To say that it was a lucky event usually means no more than that it’s a good thing that the event turned out the way it did rather than the other way around.


But we also use the word “lucky” to describe people or things as if “luck” is a certain property that this somebody or something has.


What does it mean to be lucky?


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The Most Life-Changing $5 You Will Ever Spend



If you have a few spare dollars (euros/pounds/insert your local currency) and you want to do something really meaningful with them, I mean something that will undoubtedly have a greater positive impact on your life than any other way of spending those few dollars, then I have an idea for you.


No, it’s not buying a lottery ticket. You see, when you buy a lottery ticket, you are giving away a few of your hard-earned dollars for a slight glimmer of a chance that you might land the jackpot. This glimmer is very small indeed. As in, microscopic. You are giving away the control of your life to some event that may or may not happen, and indeed will almost certainly not happen. Hey, I could bet you a million dollars that you are not going to win the jackpot, how about that?

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