5 Delusional Fantasies You Need to Debunk in your Mind Now



I don’t think anyone is really free from delusions. We all have our quirky beliefs about how the world works or how it should work and about our own place in it. Few of those beliefs are well-grounded, but not all of them are harmful either.

The problem arises when our delusions start holding us back from realising our potential or when they start affecting our lives and the lives of other people. Continue reading

37 Ways to Have a Better Day


Not having a perfect day?

Here are 37 ideas to make your day a bit (or a lot) better.

None of these suggestions are going to take up your whole day. Some will take a minute, some may need an hour or two.

In any case, here they are, in no particular order: Continue reading

How to Get Good Luck: Focus on the Right Type of Luck

How to Get Good Luck: Focus on the Right Type of Luck

“The harder I work, the luckier I get” — Unknown


“Luck” is a word that has pervaded our everyday language. One can have a lucky day at the casino, be lucky to narrowly escape a car accident, a lucky coincidence may lead you to meet the love of your life.


We all understand the meaning of these phrases. Yet luck has got to be one the most abstract and hard to define concepts in our lives.


Sometimes it’s obvious that the word “lucky” simply means “good” or “positive”. Take the above example of avoiding a car accident. To say that it was a lucky event usually means no more than that it’s a good thing that the event turned out the way it did rather than the other way around.


But we also use the word “lucky” to describe people or things as if “luck” is a certain property that this somebody or something has.


What does it mean to be lucky?


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The Most Life-Changing $5 You Will Ever Spend



If you have a few spare dollars (euros/pounds/insert your local currency) and you want to do something really meaningful with them, I mean something that will undoubtedly have a greater positive impact on your life than any other way of spending those few dollars, then I have an idea for you.


No, it’s not buying a lottery ticket. You see, when you buy a lottery ticket, you are giving away a few of your hard-earned dollars for a slight glimmer of a chance that you might land the jackpot. This glimmer is very small indeed. As in, microscopic. You are giving away the control of your life to some event that may or may not happen, and indeed will almost certainly not happen. Hey, I could bet you a million dollars that you are not going to win the jackpot, how about that?

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